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Why You Should Care About Website Accessibility

So why should you care about website accessibility? Because leaving disabled people behind and denying them access to all of the utility and wonder of the Internet is just plain wrong. It’s wrong as a matter of principle, it’s wrong as a neighbor, it’s wrong for your business and it’s against the law.

Website Accessibility Lawsuits – A Dramatic Rise

Having an accessible website is not only good for the community but can help your business avoid accessibility law suits. Even if you aren’t looking for a larger audience for your website, don’t want to boost your SEO or improve your website’s usability, you need an accessible website to comply with the law.

The Business Case for Building an ADA Compliant Website

Having an Accessible Website is Good For Business. Having an accessibile website can result in a competitive advantage as more disabled users come online every day. These users will favor and promote the websites and businesses that are accessible to them.

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Why choose us?

Because of our commitment to provide you with the best ADA compliant website in your business sector, giving you substantial competitive advantage over your competition in the Adirondack region ~ and beyond.

We combine an unmatched depth of experience, compelling designs and technical expertise to produce results that will not only make your business look great but can get you the customers you need to grow.

We build the website that builds your business.

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